David Shear

I contacted Career Smart in the middle of 2022, regarding my son (20). He finished his A levels and had dropped out of university and was drifting and at a stagnant point in his life.

As an anxious parent I had tried on numerous occasions to help him find a job, but to no avail. It turned into a bit of friction in our home life, which is when I contacted them. I had a good feeling about Mike when I spoke to him. I liked the sound of his background, and the fact he had personally been in similar shoes to my son, and really understood my sons issues. After a bit of thought we opted to purchase the 8 week coaching package.

It’s hard to say what the course itself was like as my son didn’t go into too much depth with me, but I do understand the results. He certainly seemed a lot more positive and open with his plans. He decided to try and find a position within IT world, and he even had two interviews after a few weeks. After support he found a full time entry level support job on his last week of the program and he has now been there for 2 months and seems to have found his niche.

I’m really pleased for him, and hopefully will be the start of bright future.

I had a good feeling when I first spoke to him, and Mike seemed to really understand our sons issues