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Career Smart are the only UK based career consultancy where it’s sole focus is working with 18 to 25 year old’s. We aim to support, mentor and guide young adults through the difficult world of early career job searching. We help people identify a suitable career path based on their core personality traits, their motivations and their personal ambitions.

We use our extensive background in Recruitment and Coaching to educate our clients on the intricate tips and tricks that allow them to succeed and stand out in a modern, competitive and constantly evolving job market.

Career Smart

Become Career Smart

Eight weeks of 1-2-1 career counselling and guidance, using proven methods and techniques to set young adults on their ideal career path.

The program contains over 10 hours of 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and mock interviewing – all delivered by accredited career coaches with extensive recruitment backgrounds – via zoom and telephone.

Career Smart

Discover Your Direction

Identify your career path, based on your motivations, innate strengths and weaknesses and core personality traits.

Optimise Your CV

Expert advice on preparing a CV that gets noticed and leads to invitations for the interviews that matter most.

Gain Interview Confidence

Learn the fundamentals to interview preparation and how to project your skills, experience and passion to prospective employers.

Client Successes

Real-life stories of young adults – and their parents – who have worked with Career Smart

Exceptional Results

Rohith Reddy, Medical Evaluation Engineer, Newcastle

I used Career Smart in June 2022. My coach (Mike) was really thorough and certainly helped me in my job search. I had a bachelors degree from India in biomedical engineering but I was yet to find a position in the UK. I already knew the direction I wanted to take my career, but I didn’t feel very well prepared to actually do it. I have a few additional requirements an employer needed to be aware of, but he helped explain to me on how to approach this. He helped me through the 8 week programme and I found a product evaluation engineering role for a medical company 2 weeks after the course finished! I am very pleased and will 100% recommend.

Alex Wicks, Sales Negotiator, Buckinghamshire

I was a little lost and needed a kick start.  After 5 years in the hospitality industry, I needed a new challenge but didn’t know where to start.  Fortunately, I was introduced to Mike Smith, Mike is a professional recruitment consultant who, after a discussion gave me a new perspective on my skills and started a dialogue which expanded my vision of a potential new career.  Mike got me started on a new CV and then helped me get it focused on how to make it appropriate for a number of new roles we had identified.  We worked together on finding a few relevant job sites and I posted my new CV’s – I’m happy to say that I got responses and interviews with a number of organisations.

The positive input and guidance gave me the impetus to go from a need to change career direction into concrete actions and ultimately into a new role in a new industry.  I’m really excited to be moving forward and know that without Mike’s professional guidance I think the process would have been less focused, it would taken a lot more time and have been more stressful!

Michael Hall, Engineering Technician, Hertfordshire

I used career path in august and I thought it was really good. There were a lot of tricks recruiters use and he was able to explain them all too me really well, and my CV was a lot better. I previously had a qualification in plumbing, worked part time with my dad and did some content creation for YouTube, but I wanted to find a new direction. I decided to keep the hands on part of my job but move into technical engineering. I found a job shortly after in an assembly and test job for an engineering company not too far away. I am very happy and thanks a lot for all the support.

Toby Claggett, Accounts Assistant, Hertfordshire

Previously I had worked in a car garage and for the local council but I was eager to find a “real” career. I had been thinking about working in accounts for a few years, however without formal training I didn’t really know where to go. I worked with Mike at Career Smart in May 2022, and although the course was tough, it was rewarding. The mock video interview definitely felt pretty intense! Overall it was a very good experience, and I found an accounts assistant role with a medical engineering company in July 2022, which was only a few miles down the road! I am very pleased!

David Shear, VP of Engineering / Concerned Father, Hertfordshire

I contacted Career Smart in the middle of 2022, regarding my son (20). He finished his A levels and had dropped out of university and was drifting and at a stagnant point in his life. As an anxious parent I had tried on numerous occasions to help him find a job, but to no avail. It turned into a bit of friction in our home life, which is when I contacted them. I had a good feeling about Mike when I spoke to him. I liked the sound of his background, and the fact he had personally been in similar shoes to my son, and really understood my sons issues. After a bit of thought we opted to purchase the 8 week coaching package. It’s hard to say what the course itself was like as my son didn’t go into too much depth with me, but I do understand the results. He certainly seemed a lot more positive and open with his plans. He decided to try and find a position within IT world, and he even had two interviews after a few weeks. After support he found a full time entry level support job on his last week of the program and he has now been there for 2 months and seems to have found his niche. I’m really pleased for him, and hopefully will be the start of bright future.

Daniel Wood, Junior Design Engineer, Hertfordshire

I had started my open university degree in engineering several years ago but I was struggling to move into a career that would utilise the skills I was learning. It was tough to find a technical job without a technical certification (at least not yet).

I learnt a lot from Mike it gave me a very interesting view point on how my online profile would be perceived from both employers and recruitment consultants. Anyway, I’m now employed with an engineering business and I have a lot to thank Mike for!

Michael Collins, Technician, Bedfordshire

Working and dealing with Mike was so easy and straightforward. His preparation before each session was great and it made the course feel quite easy! He left me feeling very relaxed, but more importantly, confident. That was probably the biggest change I experienced over the 8 weeks, confidence. I attribute my success at the subsequent two interviews down to confidence and preparedness. I got a job at the first company I interviewed at in my 6th week as a technician in engineering. Would recommended him to anyone struggling to work out their future career.

Henry Weston, Product Test Engineer, South London

All thanks to Mike Smith, he helped me launch my career into the stratosphere! He gave me the helping hand I needed. For all those in his care, you are in good hands. Thank you again Mike, it was great working with you!

Bitanya Paulos, Biomedical Engineer, London

My experience with Career Smart was extremely positive. I worked with Mike for 8 weeks and he offered me all the guidance I needed, plus a lot I didn’t know I needed!! I was a qualified biomedical engineer, but without industry experience I was finding it hard to secure a new job. After lots of mentoring and guidance I managed to secure my first interview in months, perhaps down to the improved CV and profile, or the way I was portraying myself. Who knows… I secured two other interviews and got a job offer just 2 weeks after the end of my course. It’s in biomedical engineering I was delighted – it was a tad further away geographically than I wanted, but the hours travel is a small sacrifice vs being unemployed. Thank you again!!

Mohammad Chaudri, Technician, Croydon

I worked with Career Smart in October 2022 and my experience was very positive. Although the company normally works with individuals aged 18 to 25, and I am 31, Mike was happy to help none the less. My experience with them was very positive and I decided to focus on a career within engineering. Together we managed to find a suitable job that was related to what I wanted to do (engineering technician). A really great experience and it’s definitely one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with! 100% recommend, and thanks again!

Dinkar Makwana, Engineering Technician, Surrey

I contacted Career Smart in July 2022, my coach (Mike) explained what to expect, and I went ahead with the 8 week programme in August. It was very thorough and I learned a lot throughout it. I have a city and guilds qualification within electronics engineering, and I knew that was the field I wanted to move into, so that made the first module quite easy. The problem I was having was actually finding a job. I knew what I wanted to do, I had a qualification and I was located in a fairly strong area for this skill, but I just couldn’t get past the interview stages. In total, it took just 6 weeks to find a job. I think the thing that helped the most was the insight into how recruiters think. I didn’t realise most UK recruiters look at a CV for less than 10 seconds before making a decision to progress or not.  Also, the interview mock practice really firmed up the sorts of things I need to do to prepare. I started my new job immediately, and it was a great experience. Highly recommend.


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