Toby Claggett

After finishing my A levels, I started working within the automotive sector. I previously I had worked for two car garages where I was dealing with customers on a day to day basis. Following the closure of the business during the pandemic, I started working for my local council – it was absolutely not a future I wanted. Having just discovered I was a soon-to-be dad, I took it upon my self to better myself, and that’s when I got in contact with Career Smart.

I self funded the course in May 2022, which I am told was a very positive step! I have always liked working with numbers, and given my dad worked in accountancy, I figured this would be a logical step. Fortunately the testing phase of the course seemed to agree with my thoughts!

The course itself was hard. There were a few sections I felt uncomfortable with, as it took me out of my comfort zone. The part on application follow up is something I didn’t enjoy, but it was surprisingly effective. The mock video interview also felt intense, but that was very helpful. Overall it was a very good experience, and I found an entry level accounts assistant role for a company literally one town over (less than 5 miles away) after 2 months.

Needless to say, I am very happy, and hopefully I can hold this job down for a few years, learn the trade, and progress though the business and really push my career forward! Thank you again Mike!

Overall it was a very good experience, and it helped me find an entry level accounts assistant role.