Written by: Mike Smith | 20 Jul 2022

Are career coaches really worth using in 2022?

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In 2022, is it really worth using a career coach?

Well of course my answer is going to be bias – after all, we run a successful career consultancy. But I still think that asking a question, even if it may sound stupid at the outset, allows us a chance to self reflect.

I get asked this question quite frequently by friends, family, colleagues and potential business customers and generally speaking, the answer to this question will vary greatly depending on various factors. The obvious ones include where they sit financially, is their career progressing as they thought it might, and do they have long term goals their looking to achieve?

Lets make a pros vs cons list. I will assume the person to be a 18 – 25 year old who is looking to start their career – as this is Career Smart’s main area of excellence.

Let’s start with the negatives.


  • Time – Career Counselling will typically take around 1 hour per week on a video call. It might not sound like much, however after a long day, finding the time to sit down, and really focus on your aspirations can be tough.
  • Mental Health – generally it won’t be an issue for a good percentage of people, but some people do find it tough to discuss their future ambitions (especially when they don’t really know what they are).
  • Investment – Yes, I’m afraid, like with all things, money can be a factor. We are trying hard to get our success stories in front of governments and local councils so they can offer financial support on the programme, but this is not in place yet.
  • Accuracy – If the coaching is not specifically targeted to your current level then it can be a waste of time. You wouldn’t expect a school leaver to really excel after talking to a career coach that specializes in FTSE Top 100 directors, and visa versa.


Ok, and on to the positives.


  • A trusted 3rd party – People often tend to overlook that it can be quite helpful to have someone outside of your friend and family circle weighing in on your career decisions . 3rd parties can be non-judgemental and people often speak more truthfully.
  • Experience – Career coaches generally come from diverse backgrounds, and mostly have faced these issues at some points themselves, which makes it relatable.
  • Guidance & Mentoring – The job hunting process can be tough and complex, and having all the tips on how to maximise your chances is invaluable.
  • Mental Health – Conversely to the cons list, having a plan and knowing how to achieve it can have a very positive impact on their mental health. Often people experience very positive changes to their outlook when they land their first career job.
  • Investment – Again, in contrast to the con list, this can be viewed as one of the most impactful investments someone can make. Just going from unemployment to a basic entry level within your chosen field can typically offer a 2000% ROI.
  • Knowledge – You will hold on to the career knowledge for the rest of your life. All the tips and tricks will continue to work well with any future jobs. All of our course modules also come with a PDF document after each session detailing the progress. People usually revisit this PDF on occasion over the years to help keep it fresh.

And there we go. Hopefully that’s not too biased! Please let us know if you agree or disagree with our assessments as it’s something we feel passionately about.

If you, or anyone you know are struggling to move forward with their post-education life, or is someone who is also finding it hard to know where to start, please do get in contact with us. Career Smart are a unique career consultancy focusing on providing young adults (ages 18 – 25) across the UK with all the required tools that can enable them to succeed in a modern, competitive job market.

Career Smart offer a comprehensive range of specialist 1-to-1 coaching packages spanning over a 8-weeks. The 10+ hours of one-to-one coaching takes place over both Zoom and telephone calling and is designed to help the person identify the right career path for them, and offers them all the tools, guidance, support, tips and tricks to allow them to stand out from the crowd and succeed. All delivered by an experienced recruitment and coaching leader.